Our journey into the post-industrial genius loci of Berlin and the accompanying loft style began when we entered the spaces of the 1903 bakery in Mainzer Street in the artistic quarter of Berlin-Neukölln. We fell in love with the space and it became the place where we live and work and where Galerie Leluja is located.
Step by step, we revived the original charm of the ruined place and reinterpreted it. The industrial character of the former bakery was highlighted by new design elements, lighting and furniture.
This love affair – the aesthetic, technical and material choices made during the renovation work – helped us to understand the essence of lofts and eventually develop the concept of Loft Design Berlin, a series of objects designed by Borodesign and produced by craftsmen from Berlin, Brandenburg and Poland.
The design concept of Loft Design Berlin is characterised by minimalism and unpretentiousness, the authenticity of the materials and, at the same time, generosity.

Architectural elements, doors

Architectural elements, railings

Architectural elements, stairs “New York”

Kitchen lamp

Sphere lamp “Loft”

Plan cabinet

Wine table

Side table

vinyl record stand / firewood container