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Saturdays 15 - 20 pm

Traditional Arts & Crafts with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe

We opened in 2022. It is located in the heart of Berlin’s multicultural and artistic quarter of Neukoelln. The gallery is aimed at admirers and collectors of traditionally – made decorative arts and crafts. It presents works of  artisans with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

LeLuja aims to explore the world of traditional arts and crafts and to inspire, by taking you on a journey through colours, patterns, materials and artistic techniques. Despite the great challenges posed by globalisation, the world is still rich in diversity and cultural traditions. Let us discover them and support them together. 

Most of the artisans we work with have learned their craft from their grandparents and parents from an early age and as a result have achieved mastery. Their works represent not only their individual artistic personality, but also the cultural heritage of generations.

The objects they create tell the STORIES of places and peoples (read some STORIES).


LeLuja is a gallery/showroom in Berlin where our team realises projects of high interest to us.

Leluja acts as an intermediary between companies and craftsmen from Central and Eastern Europe
if you need very special, high quality contacts for a joint project or business.

Leluja rents the gallery space of 20 m2 to companies, artists, for film and advertising
 for 600 Euros per day.

LeLuja was founded by ethnographer Magdalena Prosinska.